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Play it Right : An Advocacy

Golf is what we fondly refer to as a noble sport. Although we compete against each other and against the golf course, it is our ethos to conduct our competition in an honorable fashion with utmost consideration for each other.

There is no other sport in which the players police themselves. Call fouls on themselves. Disqualify themselves in the most extreme of circumstances.

No other sport requires its players to conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity at all times.

This is our advocacy.

It started in 2013 when Business Mirror Publisher Anton Cabangon, Former Tourism Secretary Ricky Alegre and Mike Besa conceptualized a golf section for the paper. All passionate golfers, they wanted to give back to the game, to protect its ethos and spirit.

And so, Play it Right was born.

This forum is Play it Right’s ultimate expression. We mean to connect Pinoygolfers wherever they are, to foster a spirit of friendship and camaraderie, to inform, entertain and to promote the Spirit of the Game.

Enjoy your time here. Treat each other with courtesy, respect and hit them straight.

-Mike Besa