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A Guide To PH Marketplaces for Golf Equipment on Facebook

Every now and then we are always on the lookout for what's nice to buy as added gear or as a total replacement for our current set.  The natural place to go to is the Facebook marketplace.

Surprisingly, the number of marketplaces for golf equipment seems to be growing even though 3 to 5 would suffice for a market like the Philippines.  Oftentimes we find that the inventory posted on each marketplace is just a duplication of the others.  And therein lies the crux of the confusion when we start getting lost in the myriad of duplicate items being posted when we are still at browsing stage.

The question, "Now where did I see that again?" often pops up.  With this, we at Play It Right have taken the cue to provide links to the most popular marketplaces for golf in the Philippines in this post.

This post will be a growing list but we're starting with a few for now.

Golf Marketplaces on Facebook:

Number of Members : 9,000+ and growing ......Click to Marketplace

Number of Members : 13,500+ and growing ......Click to Marketplace

Number of Members : 6,700+ and growing ......Click to Marketplace

Number of Members : 16,200+ and growing ......Click to Marketplace