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Test Drive : Experiencing the Difference of the XXIO X Driver


As a writer, I've never thought that I would go down the path of doing a review on golf gear.  I could write on a myriad of topics but not the technicalities of a golf club.  Or so I thought.

What brought me down this path is my experience last week when I played the Zamora Championship Course with Play It Right Editor-In-Chief, Mike Besa.  Being the early birds at Puerto Azul that day, Mike mentioned he had brought a few demo clubs to try.  In my mind, the demo clubs are probably for more seasoned players as Mike
but not for me.

On starting with the Puerto Azul course, I used my own driver on the first 2 holes with my drives veering to the right.  I thought, this is going to be one of them days when the drives go awry.

Hole number 3 which is Puerto Azul's Handicap 1 hole did not need a driver.  So it was on Hole number 4 when Mike pulled out the XXIO X Driver from his bag for me to try out.  At first glance, I saw the numbers 9.5, and on the shaft, an indication that is was a stiff flex.  

Normally, this would be a club I would not consider if I walked into a golf shop.  The specifications did not add up to what I am generally used to which is a 10.5 driver with a regular flex shaft.

To my surprise, with nothing changed to my swing, I hit that ball right through the middle of the fairway.  I thought, "OK, maybe it was just a chance hit".  Then as we continued through the challenging Puerto Azul course using the XXIO X Driver, the same results showed up and even the caddies were mentioning that this club really fits me and my style of play.

As a non-techie when it comes to golf clubs, I can't totally explain how the XXIO X Driver worked out well for me given fact that it was mounted on a stiff flex shaft and had a 9.5 degree loft.  My assumptions though is that its light weight allowed me to have as a smooth swing which kept all other factors compensated.  The permutations on the club's weight just may have added up correctly to my swing speed and how I hit the ball.

From what I picked up on how Mike explained it, the XXIO X is laden with proven high performance technologies. The technology is not just in the face but the X driver also possesses XXIO's Weight Plus counterbalancing technology. XXIO engineers placed a small brass weight in the butt of the grip.  XXIO claims that Weight Plus promotes consistency in the golfer's swing.

Overall, in my own words, it's what a layman like me would call as "comprehensive design", with precise positioning of weight where it benefits even a less proficient golfer like myself.  And that's what really counts.  Something that really works for those of us who are mere mortals in this wonderful sport of golf.

As an advertising person, I also like the fact that XXIO simply placed the slogan on the club, EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE.  Because what it claimed was true!  There is a difference with this driver, not just because I read it, but because I took it on a Test Drive so to speak.

With that being said, my other important point apart from praise for the XXIO X driver is to really try out the clubs on the fairway.  One will never be able to tell what is the perfect fit in terms of clubs unless you take it out on the course.

Now I need to check out a 10.5 version of this driver at J-Ten and see how that works.