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Curse or Opportunity?

The Novel Corona Virus has turned the world on its ear and holds all of us hostage. Our movement has been restricted, we're all afraid to go out and we worry that our lives have changed forever. 

It's caused havoc on the world's economies and yet, paradoxically, stock markets seem to still be doing brisk business. People all over the world have lost their jobs, but still others seem to thrive in the resulting chaos.

We all view the world pandemic as a curse and yet it presents a unique opportunities to the savvy. An incredible opportunity presents itself for the game of golf, even in times such as this. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts and communicate with golfers from all over the world. It seems that in most countries where the game is played, golf is experiencing a real resurgence. 

A teaching professional in Sweden related that his teaching schedule is booked months in advance. A clubfitter in Canada has fitting appointments for the next two months. And a retired friend in Florida has noticed that more people than ever are playing golf these days.

This is no coincidence. 

Because of the virus and the requirements for social distancing, all team sports have been banned. All indoor activities have been severely restricted since the virus is airborne and the chances of transmission in enclosed spaces that recirculate air is extremely high. 

That leaves just a few outdoor activities that people can engage in safely. As far as organized activities are concerned, golf in one of the safest out there. Because the virus is transmitted via aerosol emitted when we breathe or talk, it is impossible to transmit when we're outdoors. As long as we maintain a decent distance from each other, masks or face shields are completely unnecessary. 

There is more than enough space for a four-or-five-some and their caddies to maintain safe distance from each other on a golf course even without personal protective equipment. Which presents a real opportunity for golf.

Think about it, people are going to need to do some kind of physical activity to stay healthy and keep sane. Golf is as safe as it gets the typical golf course occupies 30-hectares of land. On a busy day 144-golfers and their caddies can be found on course at the same time. That's a lot of real estate to remain socially distant from each other during the round.

Golf is a leisurely game that can be enjoyed by young and old. It requires intellect and guile to play and the time outdoors has been proven to have a beneficial effect on our health. As wild as these times might seem, they are a unique opportunity for us to grow the game.

Think about it.