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Cobra Putters with Sik Face Technology - Testing the Cobra King Vintage Torino

If there's one thing that we, as Filipinos, understand, it's value. This is undeniable. It permeates every pore of our being and dictates how we wide we open our wallets.

I define value in golf equipment as the amount of performance a club delivers for as little money as possible. When viewed through this lens, a few brands stand out, perhaps none quite as much as Cobra. 

Cobra has built its reputation on offering high performance golf clubs for significantly less than the big four of the golf world; Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist and Ping. The tech behind Cobra is sound and in some cases ground-breaking, so you're not getting short changed by spending less.

Consider the new line of Cobra putters. They have ground breaking technology in their 3D-printed line of putters, but we're after value here and Cobra's King Vintage Putter line has much to offer here. 

Designs are low hanging fruit, so to speak. Cobra took a choice selection of classic putter head shapes, built them to modern specifications with adjustable head weights then added one of the most tantalizing pieces of technology in putters today - an aluminum face insert with Sik Golf's descending loft technology.

Other than the fact that I needed a face balanced putter since modifying my putting stroke, the Sik Face was the primary reason I got the Cobra King Vintage Torino. The insert is divided into four sections, readily visible on the putter face. The top quarter has 4* of loft, the second, 3*, the third, 2* and the bottom quarter just 1* of loft. The design brief here is to make sure the ball leaves the putter face at the same launch angle no matter how you deliver the putter face to the ball.

So, no matter if you hit down slightly on your putt, deliver the clubface with an neutral angle of attack or are slightly upward into the ball, the ball ALWAYS leaves your putter at the same launch angle. For those of us that struggle to deliver the clubface into the ball with any consistency, this is a Godsend.

Another feature of the Cobra King Vintage Torino is that it features Cobra Connect, as indeed it does on all its golf clubs. The information that can be gleaned from regular use of Cobra Connect can give you an accurate statistical picture of your golf game which will be instrumental when working on your golf game.

After taking delivery of the King Vintage Torino, I rolled out my putting mat and promptly sank the first five balls I attempted. I then rolled up the mat and put the Cobra straight into the bag, just in time for my Friday game on the Zamora Championship Course at Puerto Azul. 

This thing is as good as advertised. Every putt I hit left the putter the same way. It made judging the pace of putts much easier and in essence idiot-proofed my putting stroke. It was liberating to just be able to focus on my speed and target and just release the putter head. As the round went on, my confidence in the putter and in my process increased. This is a putter that's well worth the asking price.

Oh, and about that... The Cobra King Vintage Torino retails for the princely sum of PhP12,500. With the price of even the base Odysseys and Pings approaching PhP20,000, and Scotty Camerons going for another ten thousand on top of that, the King Vintage line of Cobra putters are incredible bargains. True, they might be not aesthetically pleasing as a Scotty Cameron or Bettinardi putter, but they are far from ugly.

Given what bargains they are for the amount of performance they deliver, the Cobra King line of putters certainly deserve your consideration if you're in the market for a new flat stick. 

J-Ten Sports distributes the Cobra King Vintage and 3D Printed putter lines. They're available at a Srixon Proshop near you.

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