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The "Kairos" of Play It Right

Exploring Intramuros Golf Course on Segways.

There are two words in the Greek language which translate to what we know in English as "time".  The first word is one which we are so used to seeing.  The word Chronos, from where we get the word chronometer, talks about the actual measure of time.  Minutes, seconds, hours, days.  Chronos is the dimension we usually associate time with.

The second word which translates to time is Kairos.  Kairos, unlike Chronos has to do with the the  right, critical, or opportune moment.  It is that space in time where the universe is aligned for a particular endeavor to achieve success.  It's like the "sweet spot" within a long series of days, months, and years.

We are just starting here.  Nevertheless, know that Play It Right has found its Kairos - its opportune time.

As an advertising and marketing guy, allow me to share my excitement about the opportune time of Play It Right.

1) The pandemic and the consequent quarantine has made all golfers miss whacking that white ball in the fairways.  With that, an increased interest in consuming media pertaining to golf.

2) The apparent decline of print media.  Print media will always be there.  It will never die.  I am an old school media person who loves to handle a newspaper and nothing beats the feel of touching a fresh newspaper in the morning.  However, we've seen that more and more, we consume news on our smartphones.  As for magazines, even the biggest magazine publisher in the Philippines has gone "full-digital" since 2018.  Let's not even talk about the economic aspects of publishing a hard copy magazine.

3) Audience engagement is now higher given the feedback systems installed in Play It Right.  You can comment at the bottom of this article after you read it, or you can go to the Play It Right Forum and choose among the 13 major topics we have for you to start a conversation on.  This is so much better than the one way communication we used to have when publishers opted for hard copy print issues.

All in all, we've found that perfect timing for efficient distribution/circulation, audience access, interaction, and economics in this platform.  That is the Kairos of Play It Right.

It also came in perfect time that Mike Besa and I were able to fuse each ones' individual forte to bring it together to produce what you are reading now.

It is our hope that you will find this as your online home, your virtual clubhouse where you can talk about golf, the golf life, and yes, even do business as you ADVERTISE HERE on this online magazine.

And when this pandemic is done and we can head out freely on the fairways, we do nothing else but Play It Right.

Lloyd Tronco is into Digital Marketing.  He is a former Media Strategist of McCann-Erickson Philippines.  He now does Consultancy Work for Digital Marketing and Media Strategy projects.

Lloyd is the Advertising Director of Play It Right.