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The New Normal : Golf on a Segway? Why Not!

In the COVID19 world, we try to minimize close contact with the people we regularly interact with - golf buddies and caddies included.  This leads me to say that in the current pandemic scenario, the well loved golf cart may be an impractical solution for mobility unless one uses it solo.

So what do we have in lieu of the golf cart?  I'd say Segways!

Though there are no longer any Segways on a golf course these days, my kids and I had a fun time trying out a round of golf in Intramuros with these devices a few years ago.

Learning to operate and maneuver the Segway was surprisingly easy. As seen in the pics, even kids can do it!  The trick to mastering the Segway is a good sense of balance and a calm head. It’s simple, really: You lean forward, you move forward; you lean back, you go in reverse.  In less than 15 minutes one will get the hang of to get the hang of riding a Segway.


While the round with my kids in Intramuros was done on a regular Segway, there is a Segway unit which is modified for golf purposes with an attached golf bag carrier and all-terrain tires for traversing through the rougher patches of the course. The golf bag carrier is a great idea, as it eliminates the usual problem of being so far from your equipment especially if you are sharing a golf cart with a friend. Your equipment just goes with you wherever you go on your mechanical steed.

One of the things which impresses me about the Segway is its speed. Reaching a top speed of 20kph, plus of course the elimination of the "Bring the cart over!" routine with the caddy or the flightmate, using a Segway might actually slash a good chunk out of the time it takes to finish a course.


My son who was about 12 at the time of this experience was trying to push the limits of speed, which of course I cautioned him not to else he become the perfect example of Newton's Second Law of Motion gone awry.


Overall, looking back, I think clubs should consider having a Segway option in our COVID world of 2020.  This allows a safer distance between caddies and golfers, an efficient ride which cuts down the playing time, and yes, an overall great experience!

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