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Titleist Unveils TSi2 and TSi3 Drivers

The TS series of drivers put Titleist on the driver map. 

Previous Titleist drivers were beautiful and felt great at impact but did not hit the ball very far. They spun the ball more than was ideal for ultimate distance, in accordance with the better golfer's desire to work the golf ball. As desirable as that was for the top golfers, it didn't do much for the intermediate or beginner looking for more length off the tee. 

The TS series broke that mold as they were designed from the ground up for ultimate distance with low spin. There were four iterations in the TS series, each with very specific traits targeted at different kinds of golfers. They were a huge success for Titleist.

2020 has been an interesting time for new equipment releases, and Titleist throws its hat into the ring with the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers. 

The TSi2 should replace the TS2 and should have the largest target audience of the new TSi series. The face seems deeper than the outgoing TS2 but the driver's profile is long and low which means a low-slung center of gravity which should make it a simple proposition to get the golf ball airborne.

Titleist has resisted shifting to using carbon fiber for the crowns of their drivers and soldiers on using thinner and stronger titanium alloys instead. This remains so with the TSi series. It's not clear how much discretionary weight they've managed to free up for the TSi series. We'll have to wait until the official launch.

The TSi3 shows the biggest overt differences with the outgoing model. The TSi3 features a sliding AND a replaceable weight, making this a driver that can be fit to the most particular requirements for ball flight and head weight.

Titleist's ubiquitous, if somewhat difficult to understand, adjustable hosel is still in play with both drivers. Two complementary lines of fairway metals are also in the works.

It would be safe to assume that both TSi2 and TSi3 are currently undergoing Titleist's Tour validation process. Both drivers should hit retail late in the year in the US and sometime in the first quarter for the rest of the world.

No word yet when or if TSi versions of the TS1 and TS4 are being planned. We'll just have to wait and see.

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