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To Play It Right is to Play It Safe


We all now that we are in the so called New Normal. As such, the New Normal also requires new standards.
It is obvious how much we yearn to go out and whack that little white ball, yet let us all remind ourselves of the evolving standards as we seek to keep the golf courses open for our enjoyment.
If we are aware that we are a possible carrier of the virus, let’s stay home and not risk infecting other people. Stressing this is somewhat ironic in the sense that golf is a gentleman's game. Restraint should come naturally for gentlemen, and esteemed ladies.
We've heard of a player who had himself swab tested and did not care to wait for the results. Itching to play, he went on with clear disregard of infecting other people. The end result is, several staff of the club and the caddies in the flight had to pay the consequence of going to quarantine without any means of livelihood for the next two weeks.
In a different scenario, it not only affects the staff and caddies but also the group mates. One infected player's group mates also raised a furor over the player who irresponsibly played even though his test results weren't out yet. The group mates got upset because they could lose their playing privileges if their contact to the person gets reported and were more concerned of their privacy and of the consequence of not being able to play due to their closing down the club. 
Let us stay vigilant and act respectably as we ought to be so as not to hurt the community.

Indeed in this time, to Play It Right also means to Play It Safe.

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