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Majesty Royale Irons - Super premium has a new face


When it comes to super premium irons, one brand dominates the Philippine golf market and that name is Honma. Their 5 star line is THE prestige golf line and dominates the golf bags for whom such clubs are the preferred weapons of choice on the golf course. But another name has quietly made its way to our shores and now presents a real alternative to the hollowed Honma brand. 

Majesty Royale might not be a household name, but many of us will remember Maruman. Majesty Royale is Maruman's answer to Honma and make no mistake, this is more than just a pretty face. Maruman Royale irons are packed with serious technology.

The Majesty Royale irons feature multiple pieces in the construction, including a face insert of ultra-strong maraging steel that gets as thin as 1.5 millimeters.  A groove within the hollow cavity structure is 10 times wider than previous Majesty irons for more face flexibility, and a tungsten insert in the hollow cavity helps lower the center of gravity for higher launch in the 5- through 8-irons. 

The tungsten is necessary, given the extremely strong lofts, which include a 21-degree 5-iron loft that would be similar to a strong 4-iron in other typical iron sets. The irons also utilize ultra-light and slightly overlength graphite shafts that weigh 46-51 grams, which combine with 35-gram grips, to make clubs that play 60 or more grams lighter than traditional irons but maintain D-1 to D-0 swing weights.

The finish on the Majesty Royale irons is stunning. The manufacturer calls it a hard chrome I.P. coating but it looks like a black ion finish similar to some finishes used on the most expensive firearms. It's a deep glossy black that is highlighted by the gold badge in the cavity and the gold band on the ferrule. 

The tungsten in the clubhead and the deep undercut cavity make guarantee a club that will get the ball in the air easily. The Majesty Royale iron is very forgiving and will present significant distance gains for its target audience. The D1 to D0 swingweights might sound heavy for golfers that might be more accustomed to weights in the high C range, but the overall weight of the clubs should put these golfers at ease.

The tech packed into the gorgeous clubhead make this more than just another pretty face in the super premium iron category. So if you're in the market for an iron set in this category and want to set yourself apart from the throng, the Majesty Royale forged face irons might be just what you're looking for.