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Christmas in November - Cobra rolls out its 2021 drivers!


Christmas has arrived early if you're a golf gear junkie. The new TaylorMade P7 forged irons, the new Titleist TSi drivers and now this - Three new Cobra drivers to whet our appetites and feed our imaginations. Will any of them make it into our golf bags in 2021?

The Cobra triumvirate hit the USGA conforming website last week and the embargo on information on the drivers is still in place, but we can tell a lot about each of the three heads from what's on the sole of the each of the variants, so let's have at it.

Why RAD Speed? Looking at the radial weights positioned at various points of each driver's sole, it's a safe bet that those weights are the inspiration for the drivers' names. Judging from where the weights are positioned, they're not just low and in the back of the head, but are positioned on the perimeter of the sole with two sitting on the toe and heel-side of the clubface. This will presumably aid stability on mishits.

The standard head, pictured above in the opening image, is Cobra's low spinning head. A 5.5-degree version is available (and will, at some point, find its way into Bryson Dechambeau's bag) as well as versions with more reasonable amounts of loft on their faces. Notable are the 2 and 12-gram weights that the golfer can flip to add forgiveness or subtract spin from the launch conditions. 

The RADspeed XB appears to be Cobra's easiest to hit clubhead. The one visible weight is deep into the clubhead, far away from the clubface, which should aid launch conditions considerably. It doesn't interchange with any other weight in the clubhead but it appears to be removable, ostensibly for fitting or swing weighting flexibility. The Cobra SpeedZone XF was most highly regarded by consumers, so it makes sense to have a new version of that in the RADspeed line as well.

The last of the RADspeed bretheren is the XD (eXtreme Draw?) driver for golfers that fight the rights (lefts if you're a Southpaw). Although not physically visible, Cobra thoughtfully drew an outline of where the weight sits in the clubhead's interior to help you close that clubface to hopefully avoid the right side of the fairway. The visible weight is the same as in the XB, although not interchangeable, it appears to be removable for fitting purposes.

Cobra's current technologies; the CNC milled infinity face and the wrap-around carbon crown design continue with these three heads. We'll know more after the embargo is lifted and a proper press release finds its way to our desks.