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Let's face it - golf isn't the easiest sport in the world to learn. And becoming part of the golf community is difficult at best. So, there are more hurdles in the way of someone wanting to take up the game.

Then there's the innate difficulty of the game. Natural athletes have been humbled by this deceptively simple game. Many eventually figure things out, but not without a healthy dose of humility. If the gifted struggle, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Golf has evolved into a sport that combines many aspects; technology, kinesthesiology and biomechanics and the various nuances of the game. A neophyte is going to struggle making sense of it all.

As Richelle Goodrich once said,

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“There is strength in numbers, yes, but even more so in collective good will. For those endeavors are supported by mighty forces unseen.”
From the depths of the national quarantine, we've organized an online golf magazine that examines the sport of golf and its lifestyle in the Philippines. The game has a long history in our country and we'd like to see it continue.

It is our goal to help create access points to the game we love. We're placing our collective knowledge at your disposal and are intent on helping the game grow in the Philippines. We are going to do this one golfer at a time and continue to build on it with your help.

We thank you joining us as we journey through golf as a community.

-Mike Besa 

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