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TaylorMade Rolls Out New Irons

TaylorMade staying true to their product cycle, just rolled our three new irons to round out their offerings.

The new irons seem squarely aimed at the better player; a blade, a player’s cavity back and a smaller, more compact model of their best-selling hollow iron, the P790.

The P7 MB and P7 MC are irons that most of us have no right to even look at. If you do not have a handicap of at least 7, you should probably look elsewhere for a usable set of irons. But most are not going to heed that advice, because these things are simply stunning to look at.

Why introduce another blade and muscle cavity, you ask? Didn’t TM already have one of each in the P730 and P750?  And what can you do that is innovative with clubs that are pound into shape with a hammer? You do not have the latitude to move the CG where you need it like you do with the now common multi-piece irons.

There are a couple of things. First, the new P-series forged irons have been designed with input from their current tour staff. DJ, Rory, and Jon Rahm were already using the previous generation of TM’s forgings and all had a small wish list of what they wanted to see in their irons.

DJ wanted a slightly longer blade length throughout the set without the progression that is normally present in iron sets of this type. Rory, on the other hand wanted just a touch more offset in the longer irons. It made sense for TM to use their input in the development and manufacture of the new blade.

Similarly, Rahm had ideas for what he wanted to see in his muscle cavity-back irons and TaylorMade likewise obliged him. Both P7 MB and CB are very much new irons. They look almost like every other blade or MC iron, but they reflect the performance demanded and aesthetic preferences of the best players today.

Then there is the new 2,000 ton press that TaylorMade is using to create their new forgings.

TaylorMade is calling their process Compact Grain Forging, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Mizuno’s famed Grain Flow Forged process. The goal of either process is to align/compact the molecular grain of the head, eliminating any voids or soft spots completely for a denser, more solid feel at impact.

TaylorMade uses a five-step process where each clubhead is struck with the aforementioned 2,000-ton press. TM says the process compacts the grain structure for the best possible feel. Sounds pretty much like Mizuno’s process but given how revered Mizuno is for its irons performance and feel, this really isn’t a bad thing.

TM reps have noticed a slightly higher ball flight and better consistency in trajectory and distance in player testing on the various tours. One thing’s for sure – both these irons are gorgeous. They are serious eye candy and are going to be awfully hard to resist.

The third iron is one more of us will be able to sink our teeth into. The P770, in a nutshell, is a smaller, more compact version of the bestselling TaylorMade P790 iron.

We won’t go into the P770’s construction in detail as they’re remarkably similar to their big brother P790 irons. All the signature TM irons tricks are here – the speed slot on the sole, Speed Foam to back up the forged face with the IC design in the center and a chunk of tungsten to provide stability to the head. Everything the P790 has just in a smaller package.

P770 lofts are not quite as strong as those in the P790. The pitching wedge has 46 degrees of loft with is 2 degrees weaker than many of the players’ distance irons that are currently on the market. They line up closer to the P7 MB and MC, which is going to give many golfers ideas for a combo set.

That’s a tasty proposition; imagine a combo set of P790 in the long irons and the P770 in the shorter clubs. Or a set with P770 as the long irons, P7 CB in the shorter irons. Or you could go whole hog with a 3-head combo – P770 as your long irons, the CB for the mid-irons and MB in the 9 and PW. Very tasty.

The only downside will be that these things will be pricey. Expect the P770 to be similar in price to the P790. Not cheap, but it’s packed with serious technology. The P7 forgings should be slightly more affordable.
They all look fabulous. I wonder what the local launch is going to look like in the time of this new normal.

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