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The No-Show Golfer - An irresponsible breed

Written by Albert M.G. Garcia
Most if not all of the golf tournaments staged these days serve as a fund raising activity for very worthwhile causes and advocacies such as a feeding program, home for the aged, education for the under privilege, building of churches, flood relief etc.
Golfers who reserve playing slots in tournaments but do not show up are becoming a nuisance to organizers and this inconsiderate practice has to stop.
A golfer who makes a reservation to compete in a tournament but decides not to show up on tournament day, has nothing to lose because the No Show Golfer has not paid the tournament fee.
It is the unfortunate and current practice by organizers to accept reservations to participate without pre-payment. Unfortunately for organizers, because the No Show Golfer has no financial equity, there is no commitment to show up, when they simply change their mind for any of a number of convenient reasons, such as waking up late, rainy day, lazy day, late night, hang over or whatever.
However if one were to watch a stage performance, a movie, a show, a ticket is purchased beforehand, and if for any reason one is unable to attend, the ticket and its cost is lost and forfeited. This is not the case in the golfing industry.
For some reason golfers expect to be able to participate by simply making a reservation, and it becomes a right to play. Some even just show up as walk ins, expecting to participate, the walk ins are another breed, but I will allow others to comment on these types. I will contain my opinion on the No Show Golfer.
Perhaps the No Show Golfer is are not aware or perhaps is totally oblivious to the fact that organizers have to commit to a catering minimum guarantee and the no show golfer’s meal is in fact paid for. Therefore the No Show Golfer is a negative cost player who unwittingly gets organizers to spend on their behalf, the No Show Golfer does not incur an expense, nothing to lose, nothing forfeited.
The No Show Golfer also disrupts flights and pairings, they also create problems in the allocation of resources such as golf carts, caddies. The No Show Golfer creates anxiety, tension and worry for organizers. The No Show Golfer makes organizers incur additional and unnecessary cost because of excess giveaways earmarked for all participants.
It does not take much to send a text to the organizers to say they will not attend, a day or so in advance. The industry, organizers and tournaments should put a stop to the practice of unpaid reservations. Pay in advance should become the standard practice. It is only fair to do so.
Golf media is part of the solution to highlight this breed of golfer in articles and publicity. Tournament organizers are part of the solution to no longer accept unpaid reservations. Golf Course management are part of the solution as they can likewise campaign to educate members that prepayment of tournament fee will become mandatory.
The No Show Golfer should become an extinct species. This situation can only be good for the industry.

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